Thursday, June 16, 2011

You say "out of control" like it's a bad thing!

Hello Blog Peeps
Please know that I know these photos are in another blog post.  What can I say?  I really wanted to talk about them I'm guessing.  :}

FIBERS!  I love fibers!  To me, fibers are like tiny tiny minuscule strips of rolled paper.  And you KNOW how much I love paper, right?
I love the feel of the fibers, love looking at all the colors of fibers (sometimes colors are all mixed together--sooooooo irresistible), love touching the different textures--oh be still my heart!. 
And, I have NEVER EVER EVER NEVER met fibers that I didn't love. 

And know this--I am willing to take blame when blame is due but in this case, I can't--it's not MY fault that I can get miles and miles and miles of fibers for next to nothing.  (So there!) 

When I tried to make some sense of all my fibers (Yuki-speak for "trying to organize it all"), I decided that The Container Store had the perfect solution -- a mesh see-through DEEP container (really a clothes hamper). 
I love it because it has wheels so I can roll it around from here to there and back, quite easily, and most of the fibers are visible.  (And who said that only men are "visual" creatures?!  Ha!)

And when I am trying to find the most perfect fiber to compliment a particular project, I can do something totally child-like AND FUN--toss the "el rejecto" fibers onto the floor.  I don't stop tossing until I find the perfect one.
When I'm finished looking, it kinda looks like my container of fibers threw up on the floor or something!  Fibers are everywhere!
Truth be told, I really need about four of these mesh roll-around containers.  Yes, I have a bunch of fibers. 
But I settle for only one of these containers.  Why?  Because having four containers full of fibers might alert my friends that maybe I do have a problem.

Now. . . do we really want to go there?  I would like to think that my out-of-control obsessions are not THAT evident (yet)!
Hence the need for "covert" fibers and "overt" fibers.

So, get out there and take a stroll down the fiber aisle and make friends with them!  Give some a new home.
Why?  Because why should I be the only one to have fibers coming out of my mesh containers!   Riddle me that, blog peeps!

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What are we going to do with you?