Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are You a Stippler?

Hello Blog Peeps!
Do you like to stipple?  I do.
I love the repetitive action of stippling!  Even when you are NOT concentrating on stippling, you can produce beautimus results.

 And, yes, I do have an out-of-control obsession with stipple brushes.  Gosh darn it all, it's not my fault that I have NEVER met a stipple brush I didn't LOVE!
Lookie at all my PRETTIES!!  And do you notice the "mother of all stipple brushes" trying to blend in with the NORMAL sized ones????  Yes, it's huge.  I love it.
That stipple brush will NEVER see the ink of a pad--ever!  It's there just for looks!  :}

I try to keep my colors separate so I don't end up stippling mud. My blue stipple brush will  always be used with blue inks;  my golden yellow stipple brushes will always be used with brown/golden yellow inks--see?

Not only are these stipple brushes pretty to look at, but they produce such pretty backgrounds too.  How win/win is THAT?!

So, blog peepers, if you don't have any stipple brushes, get out there and hunt one down.  Well, really hunt about 3 down--one for pinks/reds, one for browns/yellows, and one for blues/purples.   With 3 stipple brushes, you can stipple in just about any color without creating anything resembling mud.

Then start creating some stipple backgrounds for your next creative art piece. More stipple, less stumble--always a good thing. 

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