Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is it "Hammer Time" Yet?

Hello Blog Peeps!
Can I just share something pretty private with you?  I have a fascination with hammers!  I LOVE hammers.  Need I say it? 
Okay, I will. 
I have NEVER met a hammer I didn't love.

I have a nice collection of hammers, I must admit.  When I'm in a store and I see a hammer that I don't have--oh my gosh--my heart starts to skip a beat in anticipation of owning THAT particular hammer.

I have some hammers that just feels good in my hand.  I feel powerful.  I know I can bash just about anything in my stamproom with minimal effort AND look good while doing it.  Sweet!

I have a drawer dedicated to all my hammers.  Well, these are most of them.  I say "most of them" because at my stamp table, inside my middle drawer, are the hammers I use frequently.
You have heard of puffy tacos right?  Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good puffy taco but I HATE HATE HATE puffy staples.  It's a "Yuki-thing" I'm thinking because hardly anyone else shares my total dislike for them.
Whenever I staple something in one of my projects--a card, scrapbook page, whatever, I always bang the heck out of the staple until it's flat, hence the necessity of a hammer within my reach at all times!

Oh--as a special treat for all my blog peeps--I have another faux videos for you!

Close your eyes .
Visualize me yelling in my best Joan Crawford impersonation--"NO MORE PUFFY STAPLES!"
Open your eyes.

So there you go!  NOW, I'm sure you understand how I really feel about puffy staples!
Go out there and have a puffy taco but NEVER EVER settle for a puffy staple.  That's just  WRONG!

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