I've Been Published!

It all starts with a dream. . .

Just like you, I have many many dreams.
Many of my dreams seem impossible to attain, but I dream them anyway.
Some dreams seem just within reach but I never quite make it, so I keep trying.
And then there are dreams that do come true.  When that happens, I am
1.  Surprised
2.  Overjoyed
3.  Surprised

And yes, one of my many dreams that did come true is being published in a national rubber stamping magazine--not only once, twice, but many many times.

I can still remember the first time I was published.  I think I went out and bought every copy of the magazine I could find.  I was on Cloud 9 that's for sure!

The surprise and feelings of being so totally overjoyed never goes away!  Whenever I get published, my heart does back flips for days!

If you haven't been published yet, I challenge you to not only dream the dream of being published but to live your dream by submitting your creations for consideration.  It's scary I know.  It's not a good feeling to be rejected.  It may seem safer to just not try; I'm with you!!!! 

I fight my inner fears all the time; my insecurities get the best of me sometimes but. . . it's okay to feel that way.  To me, that's being a normal human being. 

What's NOT okay is to give up without even trying.  Push your fear aside for just a moment and mail that card to a magazine!!!!

Ready to see my published dreams?      (in no particular order!)

Published in Take Ten Winter 2006, page 58. 
I just love these little pigs.  They are soooooooo cute-ums don't you think?

Published in Stampers' Sampler Catch Up Issue 2008, page 87.
It's hard to see but there's green and red Stickles on the tree, of course,  I wrapped gold thread around my border piece to add more sparkle to the card.  I HATE sanding so I did some Faux Sanding on this card--wiped a white pad over my DCVW cardstock to give the look of sanding without all the mess of real sanding.  :}

Published in Take Ten, Summer 2006, page 110. I just love the yummy chocolately feeling of this card.  Can you feel it too?

Published Take Ten Autumn 2008, page 53    The tree is paper pieced--good way to NOT color, right?

Published Rubber Stamper Jul/Aug 05, page 95.  For this card, I tried to get a feeling of elephant hide with the crinkled paper!     The elephant is stamped on acetate!

Published in Stampers' Sampler Oct/Nov 07, page 14.  This card really sparkles but that's hard to see in the photo.  The word "snow" has crystal lacquer on the letters to give it more dimension.

Published in Take Ten, 2003, Vol 1, page 112.  I sooooo love this frog; I really really LOVE its little feet, paws, fingers, whatever you call them!  Maybe frog toes!?

Published Stampers' Sampler, Jun/Jul 06, page 12.   For this card, I "colored" the flowers and leaves with bleach so they would be white instead of the cardstock color.  I left the flowers white but went over the leaves with a green marker.

Published in Take Ten, Spring 08, page 115.  I LOVE stamping in white on colored cardstock, don't you?

Published in Take Ten, Spring 08, page 55.  I just love the simplicity of this card.  Simple, but so pretty!

Published in Rubber Stamper Nov/Dec 03, pages 56 - 57.  This card is a result of a booboo on my part--when I was embossing the stars, I heated the paper too long and it changed colors on me.  WOWZERS!  What a GREAT mistake. 
Here's a photo of my 2-page spread!  Too kewl huh?

Published in Rubber Stamper, Jun 03, page 92.  This was my very first card published, and yes, I probably have about 8 copies of this issue.  The bugs are foiled bugs!!!!  Did you ever think that bugs could look so pretty!???

Published in Stampers' Sampler Catch Up Issue, Vol VIII, page 49.  I really can't tell you how much I love this coffee bean card.  Oh wait, I just did!  The tag is tea-stained.  Isn't that funny?  Tea-staining a coffee card!
Here's a better look at the tag.

Published in Stampers' Sampler, Catch Up Issue, Vol VIII, page 25.   Two layers of vellum and a faux wax seal makes for a pretty card, don't you think?

come back later for more. . .

Thanks for coming back.  Here's more of my published cards.