Monday, June 20, 2011

Scraps Scraps and More Scraps!

Hello Blog Peeps
Sometimes I wonder about me!  What exactly is wrong with me? 
I can remember receiving Christmas presents every year as a child.  I can remember receiving birthday presents too.  It's not like I didn't get ANYTHING as a child. 
We didn't have a whole lot of money but I always got presents as a child.

I was not neglected or abused or mistreated in any way as a child but yet I think I have a problem.  Something went awry somewhere.

My problem is this--I just can't seem to throw away paper scraps.  At times, trying to fight this obsession, I force myself to throw some away but the feelings of remorse and regret afterwards are really just not worth it.

It's hard to think of a paper scrap that I won't need for some future project, ya know?
 So. . . here are my paper scraps--all sorted by color.  So many times, I can come up with a card just using my scraps!  Gosh, that's such a rush.  Too bad drug companies can't bottle that feeling into a powder so we can snort it whenever we stampers need a high!
Yes yes, some of the drawers are a mixture of various colors--take a look at the drawer marked "green"!  Hmmmm, doesn't look all that green does it?  This just proves that my "out-of-control" obsessions are REALLY out of control!

Way back when, I had all my scraps in ONE container.  To find a particular color of scrap, I would have to go through ALL my scraps!  Uggggg!  I ended up NOT using them at all.
This way, I always go to my scrap drawers first, instead of cutting a whole sheet of paper each time.

Think about starting a system like this.  It doesn't have to be drawers.  You can use one of those accordion filing system for bills/receipts--you know what I mean right?

Sort your scraps. Use your scraps.  And have more fun creating the green way!

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Trish Taylor said...

You're so organized! WOW! Incredible!