Sunday, June 12, 2011

Punch Punch Baby!

Hello Blog Peeps!
Can you beat the convenience of a punch?  I don't think so.  If I can punch something out, instead of die cutting it out, I'm so there! 
Am I obsessed with punches?  You betcha!
As with ribbon, I never met a punch I didn't like.  (Yes, I KNOW I am a sick puppy!)
So here's a peek into SOME of my punches.
I have three of these handing on doors in my stamproom.  They are meant to store shoes but shoes have never, will never be invited to "hang" with the punches!
And, just in case you think that having only three of these holders filled with punches an obsession does not make, add in about 15 drawers FULL of more punches, in various sizes and shapes.  Sick sick sick!
I would put all my punches in these shoe hanger thingies but I don't have enough doors in my stamproom (or my house for that matter) to hang them all!
As a fellow crafter, I am sure you would agree with me that ANY and ALL punches in our stash of stuff  play an important role in our creative process.
So. . . go out there and buy another punch!  Why?  Because it's just more fun that way!


Lisa Phillippi said...

Im a puncher, she's a puncher, wouldn't ya like to be a puncher too? Be a be a puncher! :)

Chelsea said...

Its a sick fettish that I share!!!

Trish Taylor said...

What a great way to store them.... I have an over the door baseball cap holder which I have a lot of my homemade cards in. I need to get some more of those puppies and some more doors... LOL!