Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yellowstone National Park!
America's first national park--did you know that? I didn't.
It's located in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho--it is HUGE.

Seeing this national park was truly a dream come true. Everything about the park is beautiful.
Is this sunset not beautiful? Oh my gosh, I love it.
In Yellowstone, there is a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. And. . . yes. . . eagles.
I spotted several cars stopped in the middle of the road, so we slowed down to see what was up. Well, I saw this guy taking photos of something--I didn't know what but I followed the angle of his camera and saw this beautiful eagle sitting on a tree limb RIGHT ABOVE US!
I just about had a cow--the closest camera to me was Zip's so I took a couple of shots (not these). Zip slowly got out of the car (with his camera), and I took these two photos with my camera. Even though the photos are in sepia tone instead of in color, I think they are still incredible! We were so excited that we got to see an eagle. . . and so close to us too!
When we were in Alaska, we saw many eagles but they were very very far from us. We were told to look for tennis balls in the trees--each tennis ball would be an eagle's head! So you can imagine how far away we were if we could only see the white of its head.
Here in Yellowstone, we got to see an eagle almost up close and personal! Truly an awesome sight!

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serendipitous said...

I love your pictures! I actually prefer sepia tone for a lot of pictures. I think they make them look classier. Good shots!