Monday, November 23, 2009

Petrified Redwood!

The Petrified Tree in Yellowstone is located near the main park road from Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower-Roosevelt. It's the only remaining petrified tree in the area and has a fence around it to protect it from vandals and collectors. There used to be two other petrified trees in Yellowstone but were removed piece by piece by park visitors who thoughtlessly took the pieces home as souvenirs. The trunk is indistinguishable from present day redwoods in California.
It was almost impossible to get a photo of the tree without catching some of the fence! Which I thought was kinda sad--darn vandals!!!!!!
I thought I spotted a vandal trying to take a piece of the tree but turns out it was a "weed" disguised as a tourist!!!

If you go to Yellowstone--take the time to see what is left of this "stone" tree, even though it's behind bars--a prisoner now forever!

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