Friday, November 06, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

There were years when my "casual non-working" attire consisted of T-shirts! I had hundreds of T-shirts from just about everywhere we visited. What's more comfortable than T-shirts and jeans, right?
I'm so glad we are not the "formal" society we once were! Do you remember when going to the movies or going out to eat was something to "dress up" for?
These days, I don't get all gussied up unless I REALLY have to. Unlike many women who enjoy dressing up--I'm not one of them! I'm a shirt and jeans kinda gal, and I'm proud of it. I make no excuses, no rationalizations, no nothing! I am what I am!

If you want me to wear a dress or skirt and make that a REQUIREMENT, then you really don't want me to attend because I'm not gonna wanna do it.

BUT, I have to tell you something--I'm NOT into T-shirts anymore! The kind of T-shirts that are really for men. You know the ones, right? The baggy, almost huge, no matter what size you buy T-shirts that does NOTHING for your figure but makes you look even bigger than you are! So I just don't buy them anymore. Zip buys them and wears them. He even wears the T-shirts that WERE mine! Yes, even my stamping ones!

BUT, when I saw this T-shirt at the Mall of America, while waiting to have dinner with Rita W., well, I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. I'll probably never wear it but that's beside the point!

We've been married 39 years now and football is a part of our lives. During those first couple of years, I tried to fight it. I wouldn't watch it. Nope, not me. It's boring. I could never tell who had the dang football anyway!

And what do they say when they all huddle up in a little tight circle and hit each other on the butt when they break????? Don't you think that's a little STRANGE?

I would try to have a conversation with Zip during, heaven forbid, the game and he would only half listen to me! Can you imagine that??????? I would test him to see if he was listening to me like, "your car just blew up in the driveway," and he would say, "sure, okay, fine, whatever you want to do!" What kind of answer is THAT????

Yes, I fought it, and I lost the battle. There is NO way Zip would ever NOT watch football. I think it's in the human male's genes! He LOVES watching football!

So, I had a choice--watch football with Zip or be the outcast in my own house for HOURS until the game ended!
Today, I am a conquered woman when it comes to football. I have been exposed to so much football that I actually think I like it and understand it now! I know that the Dallas Cowboys don't like the Washington Redskins for some reason and it's always a BIG DEAL for one team to beat the other team! I hate the Redskins because Zip hates the Redskins--what other reason is there to hate them?

I know that there are two brothers, the Mannings, who had a father who, I think, played football too. One brother, Eli, won the SuperBowl even! They do a lot of commercials too! Do I sound football smart?

Football has come a long way--I LOVE how nowadays, on the TV screen, you can tell where the first down places are because there are these cute yellow lines showing them! Way back when, I had to guess where they had to cross to make the first downs--very confusing!

I know that Brett Farve retired from the Green Bay Packers but then came back and is now playing for the Minnesota Vikings. I like Brett Farve even though he looks like he has a huge chunk of chewing tobacco in his mouth all the time! I think he got a raw deal from the team he was with! I think he should play until HE WANTS TO QUIT no matter how old he is!
It's really exciting here at the house when Farve plays his old team. I root for Farve and want to see him to whooop some butt.
When we went to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, I actually enjoyed myself. I LOVED seeing all the SuperBowl rings for all the years past. Oh, to have just one! They are gorgeous!
Yes, I have become a football fan FOR my husband. Personally, I can take football or leave it. I still don't know what the heck they are talking about in those little tight circles on the field. Calling the plays, what's for dinner, who has jock itch right now, who knows!

Oh. . . I gotta tell ya--I do hate watching the quarterback lick his fingers just before he gets the football from the center! Can you imagine how dirty his fingers are! Can you say "YUCK!"???
And why do they lift one of their legs too. It's like a ritual--lick fingers, lift leg. . . lick fingers, lift leg! It's crazy!
My FAVORITE thing to watch is an interception touchdown. I LOVE THAT. I don't care which teams does it; I love watching a player make an interception and then a run down the field to a touchdown! Boy, is that ever exciting!
Oh, another one of my favorites (even though I'm told the officials wearing the black and white uniforms frown on it) is to see what kind of dance or gesture a player does AFTER he has scored a touchdown. I think they should encourage the players to come up with innovative ways to celebrate a touchdown! Why not? Might widen the football fan base!

Football and T-shirts? I would sooooooooo much rather watch Carol Duval (sniff sniff) and stay in my jammies all day! :}


Meri said...

Hi Yuki. Looks like we are on parallel courses. I couldn't stand football and Tom starts with pre-game stuff at 10 am Sunday and watches until all the games are over every Sunday during the season. Last year I finally started caving and I'd take my little t.v. tray into the living room and do my stamping there while he watched football. Otherwise, I didn't get to see him at all. This year, I can actually carry on a football conversation and sound like I know what I'm talking about, 'cause I guess I sort of do now - and I'm a Favre fan too. I'm so glad he's not with Green Bay anymore so I can cheer for him (Chicagoans aren't allowed to root for Green Bay). Tom just got me a Favre jersey that arrived on Monday (a day too late for their game against Green Bay). I think he's trying to reward me... keep me interested....? Not sure. But I'm all over my football jersey. Too bad Minnesota is on a by-week this wekeend :)

Anonymous said...

this is the most you have ever wrote with only one little picture. I think you have been brainwashed....oh were did you go??? LOL

Anonymous said...

I know what you the man, love his hubby is a college ball guy. Of course, since he went to University of Texas, we root for the Longhorns and never miss a game if we can help it...even my daughter is a fan. Hook 'em Horns!