Friday, October 09, 2009

When You're Feelin' Blues

Head on over to Beale Street in Memphis! I loved Beale Street.

I'm standing at the entrance of the Daisy Theater on Beale Street. Sooooooo beautiful, don't you think?

On our carriage ride (yes the wet one), we learned that a whole bunch of "rap" music/videos are produced/shot here!

We walked by Coyote Ugly and it was rockin' even though it was still daylight! The people here know how to party for sure!

Zip took this photo and, to me, it's great. Yes, this is still Beale Street--I love all the different elements in this photo--the flag, the T-shirt sign, the long row of buildings, colorful canopies, the church in the background (white building) and, of course, the person walking on a hot sunny day probably doing a little grocery shopping maybe?!

I just love this building. The minute I saw the beautiful colors and row after row of windows, I knew it would make a great photo (at least to me)! There is no business or eatery or anything inside this beautiful building. It's just there, waiting for somebody or something to give it life again.

Up and down and all around Beale Street, you cannot get away from the blues.
You hear it escaping from the restaurants and bars as you walk past them.
You hear it booming from little side streets and niches where street bands hold their impromptu concerts and pass around a bucket for donations!
You hear the blues inside the shops as you stroll the aisles looking for the perfect souvenirs!
It's everywhere and it's wonderful. You can't help but tap your feet to the beat!

I would rather drink a wet willie than get a wet willie that's for sure!

Here I am at A. Schwab's. It's a dry goods store and the only remaining original business on Beale Street! Their motto is "If you can't find it at A. Schwab's, you're probably better off without it!" Amen to that bro!
We had a wonderful time on Beale Street. We were able to go back on several different days and soak in all the wonderful music, food, and sights.
Stay tuned for more photos too!


Anonymous said...

Hey, love all the wonderful elements of your time on Beale street! It looks like fun!

Rita said...

Love the photo of the building with no occpants - great lines and great composition! rw

poki said...

I love A Schwab's - it's the only place I ever visited where they even invited my cat (traveling with us) to come inside!