Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Cute-ums Cuttlebug!

I bought a Cuttlebug ONLY because it's so darn cute!
I have two Big Shots (the blue one and when the black and pink came out, I had to get that one)and one Big Kick, the Sizzix Texture Boutique (HAD to have it--looks like a purse) sooooo did I really need a Cuttlebug?
I think not.
But if less is more than more is better!!! Right?
As you can see, I blinged my little bug with stickers! The colored flower stickers are actually tiny beads--love the texture of them.

While organizing my stamproom (a life-long project by the way!), I came across all these stickers that I never use (don't ask). When I saw my poor naked Cuttlebug sitting on my shelf staring back at me with these saddums eyes, I thought--poor little naked guy--let's see if I can bring a smile to both our faces!
When I was done "stickering" my Cuttlebug, we were both happy!
I love this little guy even more with all the bright colors on it :} (and please don't hate me just because I'm a little "out there"!
I'm happy in my own little world and you should be too!


Rita said...

Love how you dressed up your Cutttlebug!

rita w

Audrey said...

Wish I could get a cuttlebug to dress up!! Actually very happy for you!! Enjoy all your toys!!