Monday, September 14, 2009

Mind Over Matter!

I have this fear of falling from high places! I can't seem to control it either. High places gives me the heebee geebees.
One of the places that Zip wanted to visit during this roadtrip was the Sears Tower in Chicago. The name of the building has changed to Willis Tower but everybody calls it the Sears Tower still. Waaaay on the top of the Sears Tower is a viewing area--you can see for miles but that's not why Zipper wanted to go see it.
It's because of the Skydeck see-through platforms! You can look straight down to the streets while standing on it.
I wouldn't know because I would not stand on it. I KNOW that I won't fall but I still can't do it.
There's three see-through platforms and, yes, Zip stood on all three of them.
All the while that Zip was having fun standing on the platforms, I was waaaay back from them, watching everybody.
There were many like me--scared to death to stand on them. I noticed this one lady who managed to stand on it but with her eyes closed. She had started closing her eyes from way back and slowly, with the help of her husband, walked from solid floor to the see-through deck.
Seeing that, gave me an idea.
I told Zip to get his camera ready because I was going to lay on the skydeck (with my eyes closed, of course). You should have seen Zip's face light up! He was really excited about what I was going to do. Me? I was still scared to death but I thought I could do this.
It's Mind Over Matter, really.
As long as I didn't see where I was laying, my mind would think it's just part of the solid floor, right?
So, as you see in these next series of photos, I did lay on the see-through platform!
I'm pretty proud of myself too!
And believe me, my eyes were shut tight. To get up, I had to wave my hand around and have Zip grab it so he could pull me up. I didn't open my eyes until I was waaaaay away from the platform!
And, in case you were wondering, yes there were a bunch of people watching me do this, hence the smile on my face because I knew they were all probably thinking that I was a total dork! :}

Here's a photo that Zip took from the platform he was standing on of another platform! GASP!!!
I may not have STOOD on the platform--that will NEVER happen--but I did the best I could without having a major cow or peeing on myself! Zip told me that he was very proud of me too so I was happy!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

so am I! Wow, that looks so cool~
Wish I was there!