Monday, June 01, 2009

Trains Trains and Model T's

I have my crafts; Zip has his trains.
I have my stamproom; Zip has his train room.
I spend my money on my crafts; Zip wastes my money on his trains.
Opps, did I say that out loud? :}
And yes, you read that correctly--Zip wastes MY money!!! In the Zip and Yuki household, my money is my money; Zip's money is my money; our money is my money--get it???? :}

Zip belongs to the San Antonio Garden Railway Society (SAGRS). When I'm in my stamproom, Zip is usually in his train room, tinkering on something. It's nice because I don't have to worry about Zip feeling left out or anything when I'm doing my stamping stuff.

Recently, the Texas Transportation Museum hosted a whole slew of Model T's. It was really interesting, I must admit. I helped out SAGRS by selling snacks and drinks for all the visitors who came by.
Anything that has to do with shopping, selling and buying--I'm all on it! :}
Do you like the train hat Zip got for me? I felt so official.
If you are ever in town, take a gander over to the Texas Transportation Museum and visit the San Antonio Garden Railway. They have an outdoor G gauge train layout with various terrain features. Zip puts in many many hours there (Zip even painted the SAGRS sign in the photo above)and so have Connie (a Red Hot) and Bill Foster. You HAVE to see all the work Connie and Bill are doing to restore two Pullman's there at the museum--it's incredible.


Anonymous said...

I know Yuki and what she says about the money in the Zepeda household is so very true!

Anonymous said...

How funny, I am sure Zip gave his appoval of this last event! LOL
Great pics, hummmm where is your other friend?????