Wednesday, June 10, 2009

San Antonio Riverwalk

Yesterday, I walked the new addition to our already fabulous Riverwalk. And in case you didn't know, our Riverewalk is the NUMBER ONE tourist attraction in San Antonio (and for good reason)!
There were three of us on our trek up the new part of the Riverwalk--me, Zip, and Rhodeen--and even though for about an hour or more, it was pretty humid, the walk was wonderful.
There was a nice cool breeze so it wasn't that bad at all.
The new addition to the Riverwalk has been open only for about a week or so and now you can walk from downtown (we started at Houston Street) all the way to the Pearl Brewery!

We took a nice slow stroll up the Riverwalk, with lots of photo-taking along the way! The landscaping (while some parts are not completed yet) is beautiful. The walkways are pretty wide with many opportunities to sit and rest and watch the ducks swim by.
Zip had told me about a bridge that had fish hanging from it and it wasn't until nearly the very end of our walk did we see them! They were fantastic!!!!! Creativity abounds along this new addition and I was savoring every inch of it.
If you are not into walking for over a mile or two (maybe more), you can always hop on a boat. To go the full distance of the new addition (starting from River Center Mall area), it's $15 but you have to take 3 different boats -- don't let that scare you because it's just a matter of watching out for the different colors of boats.

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Jennifer said...

Woah they added on!? I should come visit you to come and see it. : )