Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cardfront Swap on Display

During the weekend of 1 - 3 May, the Red Hots and guests got together for our annual Red Hot Mini Gathering. Last year, the mini was here in San Antonio, so this year, it was held in Denton, TX. We take turns--one year here in San Antonio, the next year up in the Dallas area.
And using deductive reasoning, it's reasonably safe to deduce that it will be here in San Antonio next year. :}
And just so you know, if you look up the word "woodmaking," you will probably see Gloria's face there. She and wood go hand and hand. I think she relishes the power of the saw in her hands.
For the mini gathering, we each got this card display stand. It's made of, yes, you guessed it, wood AND a metal sheet covered with black paper. To hold our cardfront swaps, Gloria used clear envelopes glued to each other.

Berry berry clever huh?
I'll post photos of the swaps shortly!!!!!
Great job Gloria!!!! :}

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