Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here Comes the Bats!

After walking for hours along the new addition to the Riverwalk, the "payoff" was a super duper treat. It wasn't anything we expected either! Not only did we FINALLY see the hanging fish, we were just in time to watch the exodus of the bats from under the highway!(There are no mosquitoes along the Riverwalk because of them! Yea!!!!!!)

While we were waiting for the bats, I spotted Steve Brown, the weatherman on Channel 12, across from where we were. After talking to him we found out that he was there to count the number of bats (he had this machine thing that counted I guess!). There were approximately 20,000 bats. That's a lot of bats!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That was great, I love the whole thing, bats, riverwalk, it was fun going with you too!
I send most of your stuff to my mom too!

KellyRae said...

I love seeing bats at dusk. I learned how to do a piercing whistle through my fingers one summer in northern CA while my cousins and I watched the bats fly out every night. And now in AZ, they gather round the streetlights to catch the buggies (yay bats!).