Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Good Trick Deserves Another!

I have known Zip for almost 40 years! He has been a part of my life for most of my adulthood.
How in the heck he can STILL surprise me is surprising for sure.
It was close to my birthday and I came home from a doctor's appointment. Zip was out doing something.
What do you think I found? I found a Brighton gift bag hanging from the ceiling!!!
Yeah, you read that correctly.
A Brighton gift bag hanging from the ceiling.

I stood there and just stared at it for a while, wondering, hmmmmm, what's THAT all about?????

I knew that Zip had done it, of course, and I was surprised, that's for sure. Pretty creative, I thought.
Hang my birthday present from the ceiling. I hadn't thought of that.

Well, one good trick deserves another, right?

I had bought Zip some presents too. Our 38th wedding anniversary was the day after my birthday, so I thought--HA! I'll show him. I will surprise HIM.

So I got a ladder from my stamproom, but it wasn't high enough. So I put that ladder away and got another one from the garage. I got the bag down and slipped HIS anniversary presents in the bag. I had to do this FAST because I didn't want him to see me with the ladder.

I put the ladder away and stared at the bag. And what do you think I saw? A part of the plastic bag with his presents inside was peeking out.

RATS! I had to go get the ladder again and take the bag down. I shifted things around (and no, I didn't peek at my presents!), rearranged the tissue paper, and hid HIS presents.

Hurry Hurry Hurry! I had to hurry. This time, BEFORE I put the ladder away, I looked up and checked out the bag. Good, nothing showing.
Quick, put the ladder away.

And don't look "guilty" when he comes in. Whew! I was safe. He should suspect NOTHING.

Well, the bag hung there for days. He suspected nothing.

One evening, he went into his train room and closed the door. Hmmmm, what's he doing in there???? He comes out with something in his hands. I asked him what he was doing? Nothing, he says.

Yeah, nothing indeed. Well, he goes and gets the ladder. WHAT? The ladder???? OH NO!!!!
I asked him what he was doing? Nothing, he says again.

I'm sitting on the couch in total disbelief. He is getting the Brighton bag down. NO NO NO! He will see his presents in there. He may even "feel" the presents in there. Darn it all.

I told him that he didn't have to put the cards in there. He could just give them to me.

Well, he just looks at me, as if saying, mind your own business! I thought I was totally busted. I was sweating bullets. I just watched him. I watched him for ANY reaction. Nothing.

Could it be? Could it be that he doesn't suspect anything???? Oh my gosh, I was dying inside.

He put the cards inside the Brighton bag and put the ladder away.

I just sat there, staring at the bag. This was going to be even BETTER than I had imagined.

He had taken the Brighton gift bag DOWN AFTER I had put his presents in there and he didn't even know it.

Well, to make a long story short--on the morning of my birthday, he got the ladder and said that anytime I wanted to open my presents, I could.

I went immediately and got the bag down (in front of him). I sat down next to him.
I rummaged through the tissue paper and pulled out the HEB plastic bag. I asked him, "What the heck is this? What kind of present is this????? A plastic bag?????"

Oh my gosh, you should have seen his eyes. He kept looking at it. His smile turned to--what?
I gave it to him and asked him, "this is what you got me????"

Well, of course, he KNEW he had NOT put the plastic bag in the Brighton bag so he opened the bag to see what was inside.
What I had bought him were some prints of the Durango train from Durango, CO. They were 5x7 so not real big. When he realized that I had put them in HIS bag UP IN THE CEILING, he yelled. I ran. I ran fast because he was after me!

Oh my gosh, it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

Yeah, after 40 years of knowing Zip, he DID surprise me BUT I surprised him too.

One good trick ALWAYS deserves another!!!!!


Marga said...

And I personally think one NUTT deserves another NUTT!!

martha said...

You guys are too cute!