Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Yoki

For my birthday, Zip got me a Dairy Queen cake. Have you ever had one of those?

Hmmmm, they are gud!!!!! See my cake!
Yeah, it's for a Yoki instead of a Yuki but I didn't mind. It was MY cake and it was gud.

I love the sprinkles on it. So "happy" and festive. Whenever the weatherman talks about "sprinkles," I envision colorful little bits of fun on something--not the noncolorful drops of rain.

I got an IPOD docking station called a LadyBug. It's RED and it's so cute. The wings of the ladybug are the speakers, which fold out. When it's asleep, the wings are in.
You can see some of my Brighton presents too.
Well, too bad I can't share some of my delicious cake with you--it's all gone!!!!!

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