Wednesday, July 30, 2008


There are many "pleasures" in life--some cost money, some don't. Some pleasures we find within ourselves and some pleasures we find in a package mailed to us.
Today, I received an envelope filled with something that gave me so much pleasure!

Inside this envelope was a bottle of NEW Distressed Stickles called Worn Lipstick by Tim Holtz. Well, I LOVE Stickles--I'm sure y'all know that. Nothing makes me happier than something I can put Stickles on. That sparkle is like magic dust--it's just makes anything so much 'happier' I think.

Well, I must admit, it was NOT the bottle of Worn Lipstick Stickles that was making me happier than ticks on a dog. Nope!

It was the bubble wrap protecting the bottle. The kind with the little bubbles--you know what I'm talking about right? I sat there and broke ALL the bubbles without stopping. I couldn't stop until they were all busted. There is no stopping me once I start. I search for unbroken bubbles until I'm sure they are all gone gone gone!

I love doing this so much (almost as much as I love busting feathers--don't ask!) that way back when -- I was given a WRITTEN reprimand from my boss (at the time, I was working for the Directorate of Training Development at Fort Sam Houston, TX). Yep, he told me to stop busting the bubbles (they were the big fat juicy ones!). I tried. I really tried but once you break one bubble, how in the world can you stop--it's like eating only one potato chip or one piece of chocolate candy or one chocolate chip cookie--HELLO!!!! I can't do it. Maybe you can but I can't.
So I tried to be quiet but he heard me. So he told me again TO STOP BUSTING THE BUBBLES.
Darn it all. As I continued to bust them, I tried to be even MORE quiet about it.
Well, he came out of his office and said that he had told me twice to stop it and I didn't so he had no choice but to give me a written reprimand for not following orders!!!! Hee hee, it was so funny.

Was getting a written reprimand worth it?
I'm sure if you know me, you will know the answer to that question!

That's why my most FAVORITE thing to bust is feathers--no noise!!!!!
Thank you Gloria for sending me some bubble wrap with the Stickles--what GREAT presents!

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Marga said...

Yep, now I know you are totally nutts! I will have to remember the bubble wrap as your birthday present and not as part of your present. It sure makes it easier to shop for you! LOL