Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do You Take the Time to . . .

Recycle? Or are you the type to ask, "What for?"
Or "It's too much trouble."

I'm the type who believes in recycling. It's NOT too much trouble and I know "what for."

Where I live, recycling is picked up twice a week, and we pay for this service.

At home one day, I decided to STOP pouring precious water down the drain. How many times have you poured water down the drain?
I now have a bucket in the kitchen and I pour any remaining water in a glass into the bucket. When the bucket is full, I water something outside with this water--water that would have been poured down the drain. I'm happy and I know the plants are happy!!!!

I also try to use both sides of printer paper. Why throw away a nice sheet of bond paper just because one side has printing on it? I will collect these sheets of already-printed-paper and flip them over in my printer and print on the other side.

These little things I do may or may not make that much of a difference but, inside, I feel better.

Earth is a wonderful place to be, let's try hard to keep it NICE for everybody for generations to come!

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martha said...

I totally agree! I have 7 bins in my garage to sort through all of my recycling! We have to drive it downtown because we don't get service in the boonies. It's a little extra effort, but I've got the kids involved now and it's part of their chores to help with all the sorting! Plus the center downtown take more stuff, so that makes it a little more worth the effot!