Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Wonderfulness of Smart Phones!

Hello Hello Hello!
I don't know how many are still reading my blog because, well, you know!  I haven't updated it in forever!!!!!

Well, here I am today, wanting to share why I just LOVE LOVE LOVE my smart phone.

Why you ask.  Good question.  So many times, in our busy lives, we take for granted what we have and use.  It almost becomes second-nature, "the norm," as if we've always had it.

I can remember when there were no cell phones of any kind--dumb, clever, or smart.  If you wanted to make a phone call while in the car, you had to search for a pay phone, get out, put in some coin, and KNOW the number you wanted to call.

Oh how times have changed, right?!!!!

My first cell phone was a bag phone.  Yepper, a BAG phone.  It was like carrying around a small purse.  And, yes, I did carry it around with me, thinking I was some hot stuff for having a portable phone with me.  I didn't have to search for a pay phone any longer--yea me!!!!!!!!

My next cell phone was a Blackberry.  I kept my Blackberry for about 8 years.  I LOVED my Blackberry.  DID NOT want to have anything else, even though cell phone technology was leaving me behind in the dust.

But, then I saw the Dell Streak and fell in love.  I kept my Dell Streak until it died one day.  I was devastated.  I loved that phone.  I had coverage with Best Buy and they replaced my Streak with an HTC Inspire.

The sky opened up and sunshine blinded me--wow, I was floored how kewl the HTC Inspire was compared to my Dell Streak.  I even had windshield wipers whenever it was drizzling/raining outside.  I loved that phone.

Up until now, Zip has always had a dumb phone.  It couldn't do jack sh*t, other than be a phone for the most part.  It could text but had the old style telephone type keys--the number 2 had the letters ABC, the number 3 had the letters DEF. 
So it was hard for Zip to text me back and he didn't want to do it.

Well, I decided he NEEDED to enter into the MODERN world of cell phone technology!  So I gave him my most beloved HTC Inspire phone and I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone.

I taught Zip everything I knew about my HTC Inspire.  He was resistant at first.  He would say, just show me how to answer the phone.  That's all I need to do!" 

Yeah, right!  Sure Zip.  No problem.  Slowly, I would show him the kewl things it could do.  Ever so slowly, Zip was coming around. 

Now, he was saying things like, "well, yes, the phone is kewl but I don't want to depend on it."

Yeah, right!  Sure Zip.  No problem. 

When we were eligible to upgrade a phone, I got Zip the same phone as I had--a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now we both had the same phone.  Taught him just how MORE kewl this phone was compared to the HTC Inspire. 

Now, we could both use either phone and know how to use either one. 

When Zip had his dumb-trying-to-be-not-so-dumb phone, I'll be darn if I knew how to answer it.  When it rang and Zip wasn't immediately by his phone, I would just stare it, wondering how the heck do you answer this piece of sh*t!!!! 

Can you feel me????????

Well, I now am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!!

I had forgotten I had wanted one until I saw one at the AT&T store the other day!  I had wanted a Galaxy Note BEFORE it came out but opted to not wait for it--I bought the S3 instead.

I've been playing with my Note 2 for 2.5 days and just between you and me--I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.
Oh, did I mention I that LOVE that phone?  I do I do I do.

Super duper kewl beans, it is.  Love that S Pen--love being able to "write" my text messages in my handwriting and it automatically converts it into typed text.  I could go on and on but I won't!

I do want to go on about something else though--if you still think the way Zip USED to think, consider what I'm about to share with you next, okay?

With Zip's help, we have compiled a list of what our smart phone (his S3 and my Note 2) can take the place of or can be used as:

1.  a telephone
2.  camera
3.  day planner
4.  address book
5.  music player
6.  DVD player
7.  television
8.  calculator
9.  calendar
10.  alarm clock
11. stop watch
12. timer
13.  GPS
14.  maps
15.  camcorder
16.  computer
17.  game arcade
18.  weather forecasting
19.  wrist watch
20.  notebook
21.  voice recorder
22. thermometer
23.  credit card scanner
24.  photo album
25.  reader (such as Nook, Kindle)
26.  filing cabinet (for notes, ideas, etc)
27.  walkie-talkie
28.  mobile hot spot
29.  web cam
30.  print share
31.  yellow pages
32.  flashlight

that's just for starters!  WOW!!!!!!!  I'm sure those of you with smart phones can probably think of a boatload of MORE stuff it can do/be but let's just say a smart phone is not just a phone.  It truly is something "smart" and wonderful and it's okay to depend on it.

Weren't we lost when we couldn't find the address book to look up Aunt Polly's phone number?  Yes, we were!!!

No more having to buy a local map at the gas station just so we could navigate in a strange city.  No more wondering how far it is from here to Walt Disney World.  No more having to bring an alarm clock when travelling.  No more having to carry a calculator around "just in case" you needed one.

I did all these things (and more) before I had my first "smart" phone.  I'm so happy those days are gone gone gone!

To conclude, if you haven't embraced smart phones yet (and yes, I have many friends who still resist), what are you waiting for? 

and as always, create your own fun--call someone and bug the crap out of them on your smart phone!

proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as of 8 June 2013!


Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Loved your article, Yuki. I have a Galaxy S3 phone and love it, so I know what you are talking about. It is sort of sad, though, how we have our "lives" on our phones today. If the phone is lost, we are sunk! I carry mine with me everywhere....even to the bathroom. Can't be without it. Love to play Words with Friends. I use the phone so much that sometimes I have to charge it 2x a day! Have a nice day.

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

Hi Yuki,
I love my Galaxy S3 phone - have my "life" stored on it. Wouldn't it be awful to lose my phone??? Good article. It is sad that we can be so dependent on a piece of technology to do everything for us. But it is convenient as long as it is working fine. Love ya, and good to hear from you. I miss everybody so much.

Maria said...

I love my blackberry since it is free from work, but I LOVE my hubby's htc one x more! It can do everything, plus I love my tablet. Who would have thought technology would come this far.

Maria said...

Yeah for technology.

Sheila said...

I have the Galaxy III and don't know what I would do without it. I deposit checks, order prescriptions, check my blood test results, everything Yuki listed, have a magnifier, updated my camera to a panoramic camera, keep grocery lists, appointments synched with hubby's phone. Get any newspaper in the world. Get Channel 5 from back in Boston, etc. Oh ya, sometimes I use it as a phone, go on Facebook, send texts (I like to send an I love you to the kids all the time - non intrusive)and I could just go on and on.