Friday, June 14, 2013

Clothes Hound

Hello there Blog Peeps!

Questions are abound everyday of our lives right?  What to eat?  What to wear?  Where to go?   Who are you?

Questions, questions, questions!  It never does end.

One question I want to focus on right now is--what to wear? 

Ugggg, I never know the answer to that question.  Should I wear this or that?  Pink or blue?  Jeans or Capri's?  Short sleeves or sleeveless?  Does this go with that?  What accessories should I wear with what?  Then what shoes should I wear?  Ugggg, I hate it.

I really wish I had a personal "dresser" to help me pick out outfits.  Sooooooooooo, what do you think I do?

I keep it simple.  I like black tops with black jeans with tennis shoes!  There!  I'm done.  I'm dressed.  All important body parts are covered.  I'm ready to go out the door. 

Some days, I might mix it up a bit (but keeping it simple), I wear blue jeans and a black top with tennis shoes.  How do you like my adventurous spirit huh?

Lately, I've been wearing the same things over and over again (with washings in between of course!) because my walk-in closet is a total wreck.  I can barely walk inside the room so I don't or at least, I try really hard to avoid going in it.

I wash what I've been wearing and wear them again.  It's fine.  I like it.  It's simple.  I don't have to think about it.  I have a pair of black jeans and a pair of blue jeans, a couple of tops, and of course, my tennis shoes.

With it getting hotter and hotter here in San Antonio, I pulled out a few Capri's, so I've been wearing them along with the same tops.  Took me forever to get to those Capri's too but I did it.

Well, a couple of days ago, I decided to TRY to organize my walk-in closet so that MAYBE I could wear some different clothes for a change.  Call me crazy but that's been my focus!

I was also motivated to DO SOMETHING about my walk-in closet because I'll be gone for quite a while and will need to take a bunch of outfits!  How was I going to do that when I couldn't even walk into my closet?

So, I just bit the bullet and started taking out all the clutter/stuff/junk that was on the floor so at least I could get to my clothes!  (And don't call me a slob ok?  I'm a packrat!!!  BIG difference!!!)

Whenever I organize my closet (yes, I tend to do this at least once a year or so!), I like to put "like" colors with like colors--all purple-ish tops together, all red-ish tops together, etc.

Then because I'm a bean counter, I like to count how many of each I have.  Care to take a guess how many black solid tops I have? 

Here are my statistics of JUST my TOPs/blouses in my walk-in closet as of today:

Black solid:  64                    Black w/print:  37
Brown solid:  32                   Brown w/print:  21
Pinks:  37                             Purples:  26
Blues: 25                              Teals:  16
Animal prints: 12                  Greens: 12
Rusts: 10                              Creams: 8
Reds: 8                                 Grays: 7
Whites: 5                              Yellows: 4
Maroons: 2

Right now, I am actually wear a black blouse I haven't worn in ages!  You go girl!!!!!!!

Now, I feel optimistic that I will succeed in finding some nice outfits to wear on our vacation coming up! 

So, look for me--I'll be the one in a black top and black jeans with tennis shoes!  :}

As always, create your own fun--be daring--wear a brown top with black jeans and tennis shoes!!!!


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StampinCarol said...

Hello!!! Long time, no see! Our son's girlfriend is a clothes horse too. She has a bedroom converted to a HUGE walk in closet and our son built her shoe racks, hanging racks, shelves and more. I think I'm stuck in shorts and T-shirts. Way comfy but I can dress up when needed.