Friday, December 16, 2011

I Love Netflix

Hello there ma blog peeps!
Can't help it but I love Netflix.  I know that recently Netflix has taken some flack because of their price increase but I still love 'em.
When I was working, I used to buy movies all the time, usually from Sam's Club, at about 20 bucks a pop!

When I retired and Zip retired, we couldn't afford to do that anymore.  Spending around $60 - $80 a month on movies that we watched ONLY ONCE was out of the question.

In came Netflix.  We started with one movie at a time, liked it, then went up to three movies at a time.  LOVE it.  Love the choices, love the freedom (no driving--just walk to our mailbox), love their promptness.
Netflix go out of their way to make things right
if there is a problem with any of the movie CDs.
We also had, and still do even with the price increase,
unlimited streaming of movies.
We watch them on our big screen TV (with the help of Roku).

We LOVE to watch movies!  Can you tell?
For the price of one movie
(when we were buying them), we can watch more movies in one month 
 than we have time for--for less than a dollar a movie!

When we are away on our roadtrips for weeks, sometimes months,
we put Netflix on hold.

Is Netflix for everybody?  Probably not.
But for us--it's the best.
Check them out and see what I mean!
As always, be open to new possibilities! 
 It's just more fun that way!

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Char said...

Whoooohooooooooooooo, we love Netflix, too!!! We have had it ever since we lived way out in the boonies and a movie rental place was either 20 miles one way or 45 miles the other way. We have kept it over the years as we just do not go and rent movies....we can get one at a time or 3 at a time and we get streaming movies because we have a Wii.

We just discovered the FIREPLACE scene where you can watch a fire and hear the crackling of the wood and listen to Christmas music. HOW COOL!!! Doesn't throw out much heat, tho....LOL

I am a solid fan of Netflix....and still think they are the best buy out there!!!