Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yum Yum Eat 'Em Up!

Hello Blog Peeps

Well, Zip and I are still trying to lose weight so we TRIED to be GOOD eating-wise during our Disney vacation and cruise.  It's hard.  Food is everywhere, especially on the Disney cruise.  If it's available, I tend to want to eat it.  So a buffet of yum yum stuff is sooooooooooooooo hard to resist, can ya feel me?

So, here we are in Germany (Epcot Germany).
And we want to eat. We are hungry.  We want food.
This is what we shared.  What? 
Why yes, that is apple streusel.
And yes, we shared that too.
Do you remember that movie Eddie Murphy movie, Raw? "Half Eddie.  I vant half."
That's what we want too--half of all the yum yum stuff.
And as always, have fun eating half of whatever you want to eat.

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