Friday, October 14, 2011

Me and My Bill Miller's Muggie

Hello ma blog peeps

If you live in San Antonio, you KNOW about Bill Miller's BBQ.  I love their BBQ but not their BBQ sauce.  For me, it's too sour, too much vinegar or something.  So I eat their lean brisket with NO sauce.
I also LOVE their sweet tea.  I must have about 5 Bill Miller's refillable mugs--the old ones and the new ones (slimmer).

I take my muggie everywhere I go, usually.  My drink (usually water) stays nice and cold for a long time in the Bill Miller's mug.  When I was woooor, woorrr,  worrrrking, whew--it's hard for me to say that word  these days--okay, one more time--when I worked, I took a mug of iced water everyday.

Going on vacation, I also take my Bill Miller's muggie. 

And yes, glad you asked.
I DID take it to the Magic Kingdom.  It was hot.  Texas hot in Florida.  Uggggg.
I NEED my ice water.
As always, be afraid not to love your Bill Miller's muggie too.  Why?  Because it's just more fun drinking your ice water out of it instead of  a lame plastic cup.

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chaun said...

Yuki, I agree totally about Bill Miller's barbecue sauce. It's awful. They really need to work on it.
It's like watered down tomato sauce or ketchup. Our favorite "store-bought" barbecue sauce is the spicy one from Rudy's Barbecue. Also Stubbs, from that wonderful barbecue place in Austin. We buy the Rudy's stuff by the "fifth", because it comes in what looks like a whisky bottle.