Thursday, October 27, 2011

Enough Scissors?

Hello there blog peepers!
Well, I'm ready to give you another glimpse into another one of my obsessive-compulsive obsessions.
Yes scissors.
I love scissors.  So affordable and so useful.  How can you stop at just one or two?

Here's my drawer of scissors before I organized them.
Such a mess right?  So I took all my scissors out of the drawer and I started to organized them by color and some by size.  Here are some of embroidery type scissors.

My Tim Holtz scissors.

My heavy duty scissors.

My Kai type scissors.

Scissors that fringe.

My yellow ones.

Gray ones.

Blue ones.

Green ones.

Oh! More yellow ones.

My pretty heart scissors.

Mickey scissors and cute polka dotted ones.

My clear ones.

Purple and blue ones.

Pink ones.

Here's my scissor drawer organized!

Much better don't you think?

But, much to my surprise--I found MORE scissors as I was working on my stamproom.

This is another scissors drawer!  Oooops

I just recently bought this one. So cute.

Hee hee, had to buy six of them!  Couldn't resist them.

Sooooooooooo cute!

Here's a whole mess of scissors I found here and there and everywhere in my stamproom.

These are soooooooo cute.  How could you NOT possess them?

Mickey ear scissors.  Love them!  I use one pair and just look at the other pair.

As always, have fun with scissors.  Just don't run with them okay?

Oh, in case you are wondering if I learned anything about me
and my obsession with scissors--glad you asked. 
Yes, I did.
I need more green ones.


Chelsea said...

Wow Yuki. That truly is an obsession!

Debra Miller said...

I love it!