Saturday, June 04, 2011

Thank you "True Blood"

Do you watch the HBO series "True Blood"?  Oh my gosh, I love it.  Love the characters--Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compton, and that great Dane, Eric Northman!  The HBO series is based on books written by Charlaine Harris!!
Because of "True Blood," I am READING again.  I am reading BOOKS.  Haven't read a book for over 15 to 20 years!
Oh yes, I read magazines, how-to books (not EVERY page though), stuff like that but not a book from cover to cover!
So--thank you "True Blood" for bringing BOOKS back into my life!!!
Now, get out there and find a book to read because reading is FUN especially if it's about vampires, werewolves, fairies, and maenads!!!!


Lisa Phillippi said...

I love stimulates the brain! I love True Blood, the HBO series...but havent read them yet..I'll add them to my list!

Holly said...

LOL! I have ALL of the books~ I run out and buy them the day they come out! You will have to read the Houe of Night series!