Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Love Fibers!

Hello Blog Peeps!
Oh my gosh, I love fibers!  Way back when, I guess we called this stuff "yarn" but these days, "yarn" doesn't seem to do any justice to what they really are--"fibers"!!!!! 
I have never met a skein of yarn/fibers that I didn't like.  Even the plain Jane boring ones on clearance for next to nothing are almost too irresistible for me to pass up!  Who doesn't need MORE fibers right? 
And if you have out-of-control obsessions like me, I ALWAYS need more fibers to add to my collection!
Here are just some of my fibers!
I searched high and low for a container or something big enough to hold all my fibers and this is what I came up with.  It's really a clothes hamper on wheels.  Found it at the Container Store (love that place!).
I really need to get another one because I still have a bunch of fiber in smaller containers spread throughout my stamproom.
As you can see, the stack of fibers is getting pretty high. 
I bet you are wondering how in the heck do I find what I need?  Well, visualize a dog digging a hole.  See all the dirt it is digging up with its paws????  That's me when I have to look for a particular color or whatever.  I am digging through my stash of fibers--fibers are flying though the air, falling to the floor, piling up all around me!
Really kinda pretty actually.  :}
Well, there you have it.  Fibers fibers fibers and more fibers.
Now, go out there and have some fun--kick up some fiber dirt of your own!

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