Friday, May 27, 2011

I LOVE DooDads!

Hello Blog Peeps!
I LOVE doodads!  Do you?
I never met a doodad I didn't like.  I love doodads so much and use them so often that I came up with a "doodad dump" (yes, it's copyrighted).    :}
With my doodad dump, forever gone is the fear of losing one. . . because it's a sad sad day when it includes the loss of a doodad, let me tell ya!
So!  Are you ready to see my out-of-control obsession with doodads?
This first photo is BEFORE my doodad cleanup.  Not a pretty sight at all, right?  Reaching into this doodad storage area, I ran the risk of not only knocking over and spilling doodads everywhere but losing precious doodads to the "black hole" areas in my stamp room (more commonly known as "underneathers").  Once I lose control of a doodad and it falls to the floor and lands underneath something else, it is lost to me for just about forever.  So I really really try really really hard to never lose control of a doodad! 
Reaching into this mess was tricky, a juggling act for sure, and something needed to be done--that "something" was a doodad cleanup!!

Oh so pretty right?  Took about 3 - 4 hours of doodad cleanup to get it looking this nice.
I was sorting and consolidating brads, eyelets, clips, rhinestones, gems, on and on, until voila!
I love using the clear tubes to store my doodads.  Love love love it.  My favorite!  And believe me, I have the evidence to prove that I've tried just about ALL storage possibilities.
My next favorite thing to use are the large tubs with stackable lids.  Oh my gosh, whoever thought of those deserve a medal.  Great for large quantities of similar doodads!  They also feel good in my hands, and the lids are easy to open and close.
My next favorite thing to use to store doodads in are the clear plastic storage cases our stamps (TAC) come in.  Love them.  I value them.  I keep them all.  Life just wouldn't be the same without them!

My least favorite way to store doodads are those containers with the dividing slots with one big lid. 
When I am searching for a particular color (or whatever) of doodads for a project, I tend to want to dump a mess of them into my doodad dump and finger my way around them and pick and choose which ones I want to use.  With a container with one lid/many slots, when you dump your doodads, ALL the doodads want to come tumbling out.  Don't want that!

So my next favorite way to store doodads are the containers with separate slots and separate lids, so I can open one particular slot at a time.
See?  There IS a method to my madness!!!!! 
 Ha!  I knew it!!!
Sooooo, get in your stamp room and play with your doodads. Why?  Because it's just more fun that way!

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Lisa Phillippi said...

You, my friend, totally crack me up!!! You do have a method to your madness...and a *bunch* load of doo dads! :}