Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mickey and Me!

Hello Blog Peeps!
Disneyland!!!!  What a fun and happy place!  I love it.  This is really California Adventure, another Disney park right next to Disneyland.  We just finished watching the World of Color show. 
And yes, it was COLD.  (I KNEW there was a reason why I live in Texas!)

Isn't this a kewl photo?  I know I'm a bit out of focus but look at the people walking behind me, they are blurs!
as always, go out there and create your own fun.  If you don't do it, you only have youself to blame!


Sharon said...

Looks cold but fun. Great pics

Lisa Phillippi llelsik@aol.com said...

Kew photot...Love It! I got your postcard today...Im so blessed to have a friend like you!