Monday, April 04, 2011

By the sea, by the sea, by the deep blue sea!

Hello Blog Peeps!
I LOVE the ocean!  But I'm not a fan of swimming in the ocean--sorry all you ocean-loving swimmers, surfers, and what ever else you can do in the ocean!  I only like watching the ocean.
(Give me a chlorinated pool any day!)
Here we are by the Pacific ocean in Monterey, CA.  It was COLD.  Did I say COLD? 
It was VERY COLD-oh my gosh!
And, an ocean wave "got me"!  The bottom of my jeans, socks and shoes were all wet and full of sand.  So I was even "colder" because of that.
Here I am in front of the hotel (and yes, my pants, socks and shoes were still all wet and full of sand!).
I selected a hotel that was only steps from the ocean, and it was wonderful.  I was so happy.
I love love love hearing the ocean and watching the waves.
It's sometimes easy to forget how beautiful our planet Earth is, right?
as always, go create your own fun!

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Lisa Phillippi said...

It's too bad that it was so cold and that you got wet! Glad that you are enjoying the ocean though...hope you are having lots of fun!