Sunday, February 06, 2011

Trash Flowers

Hello Blog Peeps!

Flowers!       I love flowers!           Whether they are real flowers or paper flowers--I love flowers. Recently, I got together with some friends and we made these paper flowers out of -- can you guess??????    Anybody?    Anybody?     Any guesses?

Sorry for the glare but look closely--anything look familiar?

Would you believe--junk mail envelopes?  I've been collecting them for about a year now. 
Most people would just file 13 them, thinking they are just trash!  Oh no, not me. 

I saw the beauty in these envelopes.  I saw the potential for them to become something totally different than what they started out as.  With each week, a new batch of junk mail--so many pretty designs inside the envelopes.  I couldn't bare to throw them away.  
So after accumulating a HUGE pile of them,  we ran them through my die cutting machine, using Tim Holtz' flower die. We didn't bother separating them or anything, just stacked maybe 3 to 4 envelopes on top of each of other and ran them through.

The good ones we kept; the bad ones we tossed.  I love them.
Beautiful flowers made out of trash. Next time you get junkie mail or bills with designs in the envelopes--keep them for me, will ya?


Chelsea said...

Those are sooo cool. What a great idea.

Lisa Phillippi said...

I love these! Fabulous..simpy fabulous...It is very chic to "Up Cycle" you know!

Rita Kegg said...

great idea .... so that is where you get the nickname packrat LOL

they are very pretty!

chaun said...

I finally figured out how to leave comments on your blog! Yea me! I have been saving these envelopes for years. I actually have to dig them out of recycling, because my husband mistakenly thinks of them as trash. I've seen them used very effectively in iris folding as well. Gotta get out my Tim Holtz flower die!

Rho's place said...

funny, beautiful trash! lots of work, but see the results, fun way to collect trash for friends! still haven't made mine...maybe on another snow day!