Saturday, October 09, 2010

Oh Yes We Did

Got a Hot Tub! It's divine too. We love it. So relaxing. You can usually find us in the hot tub when the moon and stars come out.
I did not want to put the hot tub in a gazebo or anything like that because I wanted to see the sky!
And I'm so glad we didn't because it's wonderful to just gaze upwards and see the night clouds, stars, and moon.
We are doing some major landscaping all around the hot tub too. I told Zipper that I didn't want this beautiful hot tub in our yard with the rest of the yard looking like a disaster zone!
So we're putting in a beautiful patio area around the hot tub!
I have an envisionment really--I want to create an outdoor hot tub ROOM! It may take a while but stay tuned for progress photos!
In the mean time, we will be enjoying our hot tub. . . little pleasures are what makes our lives worthwhile, don't you agree?!

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