Thursday, December 03, 2009

Paint Pots!

Before we left on our roadtrip, we rented some DVD's on Yellowstone (from Netflix--love Netflix) so we would know what to look forward to while visiting Yellowstone in person.
When I saw the segment about the Paint Pots, I couldn't wait to see them in person! The bubbling action is slow but I really enjoyed watching the "blurp blurp blurp" of the mud.
I took these with my "mini me" camera, and I set it to "continuous" shooting! I just took photo after photo without stopping and managed to get some amazing mud bubbling action.
Some of the mud is really thick, some not so thick!
Another geyser photo! Super kewl but sometimes the geysers smell like rotten eggs!

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Anonymous said...

Love those paint pots! rita w