Wednesday, September 09, 2009

White Castle!

Last year, when we went on our loooong roadtrip, there were two things I was excitedly looking forward to:
1. eating beignets in New Orleans (which I did!)
2. eating burgers at a White Castle (which I didn't!)

We went about 9,000 miles in that roadtrip and never once did we ever find a White Castle. It was so very very disappointing.
For this roadtrip, we were in Hammond, IN, driving over to have dinner at Pat G.'s house and what do you think we saw??????
TWO White Castles on the same street about 1 mile from each other!!!!!
I told Zip that I was skipping breakfast in the morning, and I was going to have lunch at White Castle! Yahooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I'm pointing at the White Castle sign. Can you feel my excitement??????

Are these not the cutest little boxes?????

The french fries were oh so yummy too!

Oh yes. . . come to mama!!!!!! Yum Yum Eat Em Up!!!!!!


Sharon said...

You are so funny! Did you eat both burgers?

Anonymous said...

You know Yuki I would of tackled you if I was there. For I LOVE White Castle growing up in Chicago that's like Heaven for me. You just brought back memories. My mouth was watering just seeing the pictures - LOL - Linda

Anonymous said...

Okay, Linda you are on! I would totally tackle you both!!! Wow, that a great picture...just wish I was there too!