Sunday, September 06, 2009


Here's Zip on our balcony. Is this a kewl shot or what?

When we went on our first cruise way back when, we had an inside cabin. It was small. The bathroom was small. Everything was pretty small. Matter of fact, the price was small too, so I really couldn't complain!
Our second cruise, we got a balcony room. And let me tell you, once you go balcony, you don't go back! Now, I don't agree to any cruise unless we get a balcony room. On this cruise, we got a Junior Suite--just a bit bigger than a regular balcony room with a larger bathroom too.
It was a GREAT room and I didn't mind spending time in it.

This is us as we just got off the ship in Juneau. Tina and Mackey were walking by so Tina stopped and took our photo! I'm trying to be a moose but only managed to get one set of antlers up!

This is Zip being an eagle. Hard to tell them apart, huh?

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