Monday, September 07, 2009

Birth Day

I celebrated a birthday while on the cruise! yep, 29!!! How did you guess?!!!!
It was a day filled with trains! Hmmmmm, something is wrong here. Trains????? Yes, trains. It just so happened that on my birthday, we would be in Skagway. And Skagway had a train that Zip wanted to ride.

Way back when, we were in Phoenix, AZ, for one of Zip's birthdays. I took him to Sedona--if you have never been to Sedona, put that on your bucket list.
While we were in Phoenix, on Zip's birthday, we visited nearly every stamp store there! It was a GREAT birth day (for me!)!!!!

So, it's the least I can do on my birth day--ride a super duper kewl old train!
Here I am with a train mail drop. Cute, huh?
It's a hard job holding up part of the ship but, as you can see, I can do it with one hand!!!!

Here I am with our waiter during dinner on my birth day! He thinks he's Elvis!

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Anonymous said...

So that should make you Pricilla? Cute picture!!!