Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Sleepless in Seattle!

Day 10 in Seattle!!!!
Super kewl display of guitars! With one ticket, you get into the Science Fiction Museum and to this music place--can't remember the name of it. But they are both located underneath the Space Needle area. Can you spot me?
Going to ride the monorail. It only goes 1 mile up and back but it's a kewl ride. We rode it so we didn't have to walk all the way to Pike Place. It drops you off at a mall, right in the food court.
How convenient is that? At Pike Place where the fish fly! This is such an interesting place. When somebody buys a fish, it is "thrown" to a person behind the counter! And they are all yelling something about the fish.
I really don't know what they are saying but it's fun to hear them yell. See the fish in the air?
Not sure who this person is but my oh my isn't she cute-ums!?
Second chance to see if you can spot me!

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Meri said...

Hey, what's that set of keyboards doing in the GUITAR display? What a cool picture (they all are really). Thanks for sharing.