Monday, August 17, 2009

Mount Rainier -- Can't Get Enough!

Mount Rainier is waaaaaay in the distance behind us--you just can't see it in this photo! So in case you are wondering. . . WE are the main focus for this photo!
We encountered a very mean and dangerous MOOSE during our hike! It was on the hunt for Mexican food!
Just too beautiful for words!
I love this photo I took of Mount Rainier with the blue flowers in front! Soooo beautiful.
Wouldn't this photo make a good postcard?!
If you have never been to Mount Rainier, put this on your bucket list! :}


Anonymous said...

Yuki and Zip, you are so cute!!!! What a nice picture! I love the mountain and trees!!! Oh I wish I lived there, now!
miss you,

Anonymous said...

Seen it - want to see it again! rita w