Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

I like football. Can't say that I LOVE football. I can say that I like football. I like to watch it on TV. Love the song that's played, Are You Ready For Some Football? It's not football without that song!

We drove to Canton, Ohio, to take peek into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is a GREAT hall of fame place. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've been watching football with Zip for years and years, and to see some of the old time GREATS was great!
Have you wondered how a football is made? Well, if you visit this place, you'll see how they are made! Really interesting. And, how about EVERY Superbowl ring ever made for the Superbowl champs? They are all on display here.
If you are a football lover, you will love this place.

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