Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Joshua Tree National Park

On the way to Fresno, CA, we stopped at the Joshua Tree National Park. This is a super kewl place. HUGE!

I was able to get three--count 'em--three stamps in my National Parks Passport book. Yahoooooo! Each visitor center usually has their own National Park stamp and since we stopped at three of them, I got three different stamps.

My National Parks Passport book is gettin' really full. :}

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Gloria Albertson said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your journey!

KellyRae said...

Hey Yuki,
Glad you're having fun. I LOVE getting stamps in my National Parks passbook. I've got a stamp opportunity 2 miles from my's the Casa Grande Ruins. A 5-story 700 year old Indian dwelling.

missoulamissions said...

Sweetskies!!!! Have TONS of FUN!!and I've learned to see the world youv'e gotta let go of that Tex-Mex! sometimes longer than we can handle!! Love ya!!