Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Several Christmases ago, my brother and his wife sent us an awesome weathervane.
We couldn't decide where to put it--didn't want it on our roof or chimney because we wouldn't be able to see it really. We wanted it in our backyard--someplace where we could see it everyday.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, we decided where to put it. My hubby did all the work, of course. I supervised--something I'm very good at.
He first dug a hole about 4 feet deep. Bought two 2x6x12 pieces of lumber and sandwiched them together to create one 4x6x12, which is the "pole" for the weathervane. And, yes, it's 10 feet high!!!!!
My hubby used about 3 1/2 bags of cement to secure the pole inside the hole. Painted the pole black and made some kind of rain guard thing at the bottom of the pole. He explained it to me but I don't understand what he said. All I know is that the pole will last longer because of it. Sounds good to me!
Before we put the pole in the hole, he bolted the bottom part of the weathervane to it. Once the pole was in the hole and the cement was all dry, he added the other parts to it.

The weathervane has three parts: the top part--the large dachshund; the middle part--north/south/east/west directionals; and the spinner part--where the wind turns these three cups and there's a "dog chasing its tail" affect going on. It's so kewl!!!!!

My brother made this weathervane from scratch. Yeah!!! Lots of welding.

It was in HUGE box and we couldn't figure out what the heck they had sent us!
It was incredible in the box and it is now incredible in our backyard! A fantastic addition to our backyard!

We love it!!!!

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