Wednesday, July 23, 2008

File Folder Album

This is a photo/memory album I made using two regular file folders. I love making things out of ordinary stuff to make extra-ordinary stuff! Don't you?
One file folder was used to form the front and back covers and the other file folder was used to form the pages. To glue everything together, I used Yes Glue--love that stuff!
I took an ordinary envelope and glued it to one of the pages so that little treasures could be tucked inside of it. For the photos, I used clear 4x6 "envelopes" stacked on top of each other on various pages.
For fast and easy decorating of the covers and pages, I used a rather large super kewl stamp in the Ornamental Ribbons set of The Angel Company catalog (page 42) and "dirty stamped" everything in a brown ink. I don't know if that's the real name of what I'm doing but that's what I call it--it's when you ink up a stamp and then stamp stamp stamp until all the ink is gone. By stamping this way, I can cover a lot of space with minimal effort--fast and easy!

So next time you see something ordinary like boring office type file folders, expand your box, and imagine the possibilities.

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Marga said...

Office supplies are never, never, never boring! I love them all!!!!
Did you see that there is going to be a Staples on 1604 on the way to my house? I will have to stop there all the time and buy cool stuff......that will be EASY!

Love, love, love your project!