Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do I look like I'm having fun!!!!

It was ONLY 49 miles BUT about half of it was on a dirt road. It was about 20 miles of dirt dust and more dirt dust. Whenever a tour bus would go by us--Zip had to slow way down because we couldn't see anything but dirt dust!
The road went up and down, sharp curves to the right and left, dirt dust all the way! I could taste the dirt in my mouth even with the windows closed. I was praying we didn't get a flat tire! Can you imagine having to change a tire with all that dirt dust??? Oh my gosh, please, no flat tire!!!
We drove and drove and drove!

Zip was getting all excited! I just wanted the road to end. It was a bumpy, dusty, loud ride!

We got to this booth where a lady yelled out, "It's $20 to park your car. Then you take the bus out to the skywalk!"

Well, after that long awful ride, I had to pee. Not knowing what the toilets were like or even if they had any, I decided to use my trusty pee pot in the car.
Zip kept watch, of course!

We then went into the make shift building and was told that it was $30 a person to take the bus out to the Skywalk and another $30 to walk the Skywalk. Yikes!!!!
But, I didn't endure that ride for nothing. So we paid our $120 and got the bus.

There it was! The Skywalk over the Grand Canyon!
We had to put on these "booties" to cover our shoes so not to damage the Skywalk's glass floor.
On went the booties over our shoes and we walked the sky over the Grand Canyon!

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Jenni said...

Wow! I'll be sure not to go to the skywalk. That price is outrageous! I'm sorry you didn't have fun...I would think it would be a little freaky to be walking on nothing but glass.