Friday, December 02, 2011

The Color of Red

Hello there!
WOW!  I love taking photos.  Been interested in photography nearly all my life.  I was the yearbook photographer for my high school for my junior and senior years (that's how I met the Zipster!).
I would take the photos, go over the photo craft shop on Ft Sam Houston, developed my own black and white negatives, then printed the photos.

I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS!  Just in case you didn't catch it the first time!

I have this superduper "mini me" digital  Canon camera (and it's RED) that I carry in my purse all the time.  I have a "big me" SLR digital Canon camera too but I don't carry it around with me all the time--just too big to fit in my purse!

Well, my mini me Canon camera is awesome because I love playing with the settings and creating kewl photos.
Take a look at some photos I took:
It was really really dark so I changed the settings to ADD a bunch of light.
I found a nonmoving FLAT surface to rest my camera on because the
shutter speed was sloooooooow. 
I love how the photo came out.

In this photo, I wanted the moon in the background. 
You can imagine how dark the night was, right?
It was DARK.
So, again, I had to add a bunch of light
to my photo.
Again, I had to find a good steady surface to
rest my camera on.
WOW!  I love the photo, don't you?

Okay, this is the BEFORE photo.

This the AFTER photo.
Know what I did?
I selected a feature in my camera that lets me
pick which color to accent.
In this case, I picked RED!
Anything not red will come out as a black/white photo.
My little camera is so much fun!

Here's another example of color accenting.

And another.

Oh!  How do you like this one?

This one is so much FUN.  LOVE IT.

Such a kewl photo!
These photos were taken by my red
Canon PowerShot SD780 IS.
little (fits in my purse)

As always my friend, find the fun behind your camera and
see the world around you in a whole new light.
Be the photographer you were meant to be!

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