Thursday, November 03, 2011

Obsessive Writing

Hello Blog Peeps!
Well, right  now, I feel like telling you a little something something about me and how my mind works (or doesn't work)!

Here's a photo clue.
Can you guess?  Well, if not, let's break it down into parts and maybe that will help.
First, you see the Mickey pen right?
The Mickey pen is on a planner (daily planner).
Yes, you got it!!!!!  It's my diary.  I am obsessive-compulsive about writing in my diary on a daily basis.

I've been keeping a diary back when it was called "keeping a diary"!  Nowadays, it's journaling or something crazy like that. 

For over 50 years, I've been writing about my daily life.  Depending on how much space I had--that determined how much I wrote. 

Currently, I'm liking a day planner type book that's available in all office supply stores.  My 2011 day planner happens to be pink for cancer awareness.  Last year, I bought a black day planner and covered it with some scrapbook paper.

When I was working, I would "write in code" in my desk calendar so if anybody sat at my desk and flipped through my calendar, they wouldn't really understand what I was writing.  But each year as I bought another desk calendar refill, I would rubber band the old one and keep them in my desk.  When I finally retired, I had a BUNCH of them to take home.  All  full of daily work stuff and daily living stuff.

I try not to be compulsive about writing but I can't help myself.  If I go a few days without writing (doesn't happen that often), I sit myself down and catch-up on my days.

Even on vacation, I write.

We were living in Germany between 1978 to 1981 and one day, I received a traffic ticket in the mail, claiming that I had run a red light based on a photo from a camera on the traffic light.  HA!  I don't think so.  I was sure they had made a mistake.  So I went back looking for that date in my diary and read my accounts of the day.  Oooops, I WAS on that street, doing an errand that day!  Oh my gosh!  BUSTED!!!!
I paid the fine and called it a day, knowing that I was wrong and I could prove it.  hee hee

So, there's a good reason to keep a diary right?  But that's not the reason why I keep a diary--to disprove or prove where I was on a particular day.  Nope.

The reason why I am compulsive about writing on a daily basis--my feelings, my memories, my thoughts, my dreams, my mistakes, my delights in life--is because I need to SEE that I have lived that day.

When I SEE my writings, I know that I have lived.  Silly as it may sound, it makes me happy.

I can concentrate on today, knowing that my yesterday is documented. 

I can also SEE that my penmanship SUCKS big time--oh my gosh! 

Find what makes you happy and then do it even if it doesn't make sense to others.  Why?
Because you'll be happier and have more fun!!!!  Yeeeeeehaw!

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