Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seven Dwarfs

Hello there blog peeps

While in the Magic Kingdom, we found out that the Seven Dwarfs (you know who I mean) only come out during Halloween for photos.  What? 
Only during Halloween?
Yahoooooooooooo!  We made a bee-line to where they were. 
Oh my gosh, LONG line.
So Zip stands in line while I go trick or treating for some candy--hee hee.  It's a hard job but SOMEBODY has to do it.

I also went to the front of the line to snap some photos of the magical little dwarfs. 
They are so cute.

After gathering a bunch of candy, I came back to the line to rest.  Here I am resting.
See the Mickey ghost I'm holding.  It was filled with popcorn.  Is that cute or what?  I HAD to have it.   It is soooo a "keeper"!
After what seems like forever, it was finally our turn with the dwarfs.
Cute cute cute!  Oh my gosh, they are so cute.
The wait was so worth it.  We were there.  They were there.  And, now we have a photo with them. 
Oh be still my heart!
As always, let fun into your soul.  You'll have more laugh lines but less wrinkles!

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Rita said...

I'm so jealous! And why only during Halloween?