Sunday, October 02, 2011

Disney Cruise--the start of a new adventure on the high seas!

Hello Blog Peeps!
Not only did we do Disney World but we did a Disney Cruise.  Our first.

We went with some friends and had adjoining cabins with balcony.
Everything Disney does--it's first class all the way.
While we waited to board the ship, Mickey was there to start the Disney FUN.

 Notice the HUGE yellow Mickey ears in the background?  That's the entrance to the ramp that takes you to the cruise ship.  Now. . . is that FUN or what?
While our friends took their photo with Mickey, I guarded all our "carry-on" luggage.
It was a tough job but I was up for the task!  :}
As always, never avoid the tough jobs because even they can be FUN.

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Rita said...

How fun.... I'm so jealous!