Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sci-Fi Drive-In

Hello Blog Peeperoonees!
Is this a FUN place or what?  Don't know?  Well, take my word for it--it's FUN FUN FUN.  You sit in these CARS to eat your dinner AND watch old movies on this huge screen.  Corny movies, old cartoons, you name it.  It's ridiculously FUN. If you are old enough, it's like being at the drive-in movies but with betteer food.
Right outside is this super duper kewl car. Yes, it's another Disney prop and you know me!  I HAD to have my picture taken with it. 
Then. . . to make it MORE fun, Marie got into the car.
 Here she is driving like a maniac!  Me?  I'm still posing!
Then, Marie decides to "strike a pose" in the back of the car.  And yes, I'm STILL posing.

As always, create your own fun--don't sit in the back seat and wait for fun to find you!  
You'll miss all the fun if you do that.

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Debra Miller said...

Looks like you are having an amazing time!! Disney is so fun.