Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello Ma Blog Peeps!
So much has happened this month that my head is still spinning. 
I became a year older--uggggg. 
I've been married a year longer--yippee!   :}
I'm no longer a TAC angel ONLY because The Angel  Company has closed their doors.

Sad. . . very sad.

I've been with The Angel  Company for over 11 years.  I had a TAC downline group, The Red Hot Rubber Stampers!, that was the best ever.  Made friends that otherwise I would not have made.
I was forced many times to step outside my zone of comfort to give inspirational type speeches (at least I hope they were) to a huge gathering of angels during our TAC Seminars and Leadership events.  I'm sure the sale of wine coolers went up during these times because I needed SOMETHING to calm my nerves, that's for sure!  :}
I was pushed to my creative limits sometimes, trying to design wondrous "samples" for the various TAC catalogs.
I've been published many many many times, all with TAC stamps!
I think I'm a better person because of The Angel Company.  At least, that's the way I feel.
Those of you who know me may debate that issue--ha ha!  And that's okay.  I accept that too.

The Angel Company made it possible for me to have friends throughout the entire United States.  What a nice and wonderful feeling that is.  Thank you so much, Mischelle!  Your vision, your dream, your heart enabled us to grow as stampers and grow as people.  Your "touch" will forever be a part of us!

I'm so sad and sorry that The Angel Company had to closed their doors!  For me, their closing will impact upon my creative life, not my social life since I know that many of my Red Hots and fellow angels will continue to stay in touch with me, no matter what path we take from now on.

I will continue to create--it's in my blood.  I will continue to stamp--that's in my blood too.  I truly have a need to express myself via my "creations"!  I AM a crafter through and though--not just a stamper.

And if you are wondering if I'm going to sign up with another direct-selling stamp company--wonder no more!  I'm not.  Been there done that (twice now) and with TAC closing--that chapter of my life has ended.  I'm off on other adventures!

So please keep checking my blog and see what I'm up to, okay?  I think you'll be surprised.  My next blog post will the first of my many "creations" hopefully.  Right now, I'm kinda stuck making these because I'm having such fun.  And isn't that the point of life?  To have fun?  I think so.

Whatever you do, whatever you decide to do, whatever you want to do--DO IT.  As long as it's FUN for YOU, do it.  Doesn't matter what others think about what you're doing either.

So my fellow blog peeps, please follow me out one door and through another exciting door, okay?
red hot hugs,

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Chelsea said...

Yuki ... It was so great meeting you through TAC. I do remember one speech you gave where you said we were all the "stickles" in your life and how much you loved stickles. I am most glad that we got to hang out at CHA for a bit this year. That was fun! Best of luck in whatever you do ....